About Merak Capital

Merak Capital is a licensed company by the CMA to manage private investment funds, investor portfolios, and advise on financial securities, under the license number 18194-32 issued on 11-11-2018, with a specialized focus on technology investments. Investments are done across different asset classes, with a primary focus on equities. In the private equity class, as well as venture capital, the main regions of operation are KSA and MENA. In public equities, investments operate on global stock exchanges.

At Merak Capital we focus on technology as the main driver for growth across the globe, and specifically in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. We build our internal teams around technological research and understanding, staying at the forefront of breakthrough software and hardware, and finding investment opportunities that are aligned with adoption cycles from different sectors.

Nowadays, most businesses and sectors are becoming digitized to stay relevant and compete with new entrants. Technological integration shifted from a luxury and a competitive advantage to a must-have for businesses and governments alike. Merak Capital is positioned to lead investments in this transition as well as unlock new markets and venues for growth, enabled by technological innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.